Life Mask ® Compact Barrier 

Product Code: LMCB – Packaged in clear poly bag – Packaged 50 per case


Life Mask ® Compact Barrier in Mini Belt Bag

Product Code: LMCB-MBB – Packaged 50 per case

The mini belt bag is easily attached to the rescuer’s belt with a split Velcro strap. The mini belt bag contains the Compact Barrier, 1 pair gloves, two 2×2 gauze sponges and an antimicrobial wipe. Available in black only. Ideal for Law Enforcement, Correctional Officers and First Responders.


Life Mask ® Compact Barrier in Key Chain  Bag

Product Code: 

Black – LMCB-KCB– 1 – Packaged 50 per case
Red – LMCB-KCB-2 – Packaged 50 per case
Blue – LMCB-KCB-3 – Packaged 50 per case




Life Mask ® Mini Belt Bag Refill

Product Code: LMCB-MBBR – Packaged 50 per case

Refill for mini belt bag includes Compact Barrier, vinyl gloves, (2) 2×2 gauze sponges an an antimicrobial wipe.




Life Mask ® Key Chain Bag Refill

Product Code: LMCB-KCBR – Packaged 50 per case

Refill for the key chain bag includes a Compact Barrier and vinyl gloves.

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