The Life Mask was engineered to reduce the risks of physical contact during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Our unique, patented non-rebreathing valve contains a 3M® bacterial filter for maximum protection against viral/bacterial cross-contamination and distances the rescuer from the victim for continuous monitoring of conditions. Air flows from rescuer to victim, then….from victim away from rescuer.

Our mask comes with an optional oxygen inlet so first responders and hospitals can hook directly up to oxygen source.

Adult Life Mask

The Adult Life Mask comes with our patented one-way valve, filter, and mouthpiece packaged in a poly bag.

Product Code: LM-500




Patented one-way valve

Our patented one-way valve with 3M® bacterial filter for maximum protection against viral/bacterial cross-contamination and mouthpiece.

Product Code: LMV-55



Adult Life Mask -mask only

Product Code: LM-100




Adult Life Mask with O2 inlet – mask only

Product Code: LM-500-O2



Headstrap for Life Mask

Product Code: HS







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Products meet FDA, OSHA and JAMA guidelines for emergency resuscitation.